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“When they suggested I try Body Conceptions New Year, New You Challenge, I never imagined having results this fantastic. I am so, so, so happy I found you guys! Everyone at Body Conceptions is truly amazing… and of course the workout does wonders! I am amazed at how many people in my life have noticed a difference. There is a reason that the back of the tank top says ‘It works!'”
– Kate C., who lost 5.2 inches off her waist and 14.2 inches total in the 6-week New Year, New You 2015 Challenge

Cortney before after

– Cortney W., 2015 Spring Into Summer challenger and Broadway performer who lost 3.5 inches off her waist and hips together

Pregnancy Before and After

“My prenatal training with Mahri helped me to maintain energy throughout my pregnancy and stay in shape. I would recommend this prenatal workout to anyone. Mahri’s extensive background in the prenatal field also allowed me to feel comfortable training during each stage of my pregnancy. After my son was born I was able to bounce back to my pre-pregnancy body quickly which I believe was a result of my training throughout my pregnancy & my post pregnancy training with Mahri. The strength and endurance I maintained through Mahri’s prenatal method helped me to have a smooth healthy delivery. It is an amazing way to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy.”
– Lindsay S., Midtown East, shown 5 months after pregnancy

“Mahri is a gift to the world. Along with creating a dance-cardio-sculpt program that does what it says it’s gonna do, she has an effervescence that radiates positivity, motivation, encouragement and confidence. Her passion for helping women transform their bodies into a place that feels lighter and more comfortable in their own skin is ever present. She leads a team of dedicated, fun, equally passionate women who are all outstanding models for their classes. Each of them hold my attention through their own unique style.

“I was fortunate to participate in the summer BoCo Challenge which inspired me to step up my workouts in focus, determination and consistency. Without a doubt, this class produced the results I was eager to achieve. It allows you to go to another place when you’re toning and dancing, to not think about where you came from or where you’re headed to next. BoCo is a celebration, a friend, a mindset.”
– Allegra C., Flatiron

“Thank you so much, [the challenge was] such a positive experience and I’m so grateful to have been able to be a part of it. I am so much stronger now than I was 4 weeks ago and truly much happier…

“[My first BoCo class] was the most challenging but fun and positive class I had ever taken and that’s when I knew I was hooked. I love the classes and the mentality behind them. There is a sense of joy in the room and that makes all the difference. ”
– Lauren B., who lost 3.75 inches off her waist and 9.25 inches total in the 4-week Spring Into Summer 2015 Challenge

“Somebody pinch me. Today I was privileged enough to have the time to workout with the lovely and legendary Mahri Relin, owner of Body Conceptions. If you have been living in the dark ages, with a little research you will discover that Mahri Relin has a vast background in dance and theatre and has worked with top fitness trainers in the industry. But, this was not “like working out with Mahri” or “similar to Mahri’s workouts,” because what I experienced was fitness nirvana while working out with the creator of a leading class, the beloved Mahri Relin who taught BoCo Classic in an adorable NYC studio.

“Talented instructors in the industry respect Mahri greatly and you will immediately understand why from the moment you meet her. Mahri Relin is a heartfelt person with a genuine interest in each student and has crafted a program to target those sticky and hard to battle bulges that challenge many of us as a result of our lifestyles or lack of proper exercise. So whether you are seeking to breakthrough your fitness plateau and lose stubborn inches while toning and sculpting a lean, dancer-like physique or if you are a fit individual interested in a challenge without bulking, this program can be adored by everyone…

“…There are times in popular culture when ball players are at their gaming peak and win championship rings, best actors win an Oscar and the most talented singers capture a Grammy. Similarly, Mahri Relin is currently at the top of her game and she is the epitome of what a fitness icon should be. Her experience and boundless talent has led her to create a fun and challenging fitness program and it is clear from the start of BoCo class that she is passionate about exercise. That inner passion can’t be bought and her generous nature enables her to share this strength with others. Mahri taught this class to real people with real bodies who wanted change and a challenge in their fitness programs. Heart rates were elevated and smiles filled the room as she was extremely positive and helpful with adjustments and modifications throughout the tough hour. Her program is set apart from others because interesting exercises and twists in formatting deliver muscle fatigue while students are motivated to delve inside to get more out of the hour for themselves. This was exercise at its ultimate best and everyone left appearing accomplished and happy.

“The entire team at Body Conceptions is fantastic therefore every class is highly recommended. Mahri has hired talented teachers and her team will help any newbies transition into the program seamlessly. Classes are held daily so be prepared to sweat and work hard. Stubborn areas needing change on your physique have met a challenge-Body Conceptions is the antidote.”
– Happy S., Yelp Review

“I grew up as a dancer- in the studio 6-7X a week, draining my body but loving every second. When I was 16 years old I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and 4 years later at age 20, I was diagnosed with a second autoimmune disease. The hardest part about living with an autoimmune (or two), is your body’s constant attack on your physical and mental energy. I am now 24 and for the last few years I have struggled immensely to find a work out that doesn’t wipe me out completely (like running does) but still kicks my butt and whips it into shape. I swear finding Body Conceptions and trainer Nicole Picard was the greatest gift of all. I have never been in better shape (even when I was dancing every single day), and my workouts are the highlight of my week!! My body is toned, lean and yes I am drenched at the end of a session BUT my body feels strong and capable instead of weak and drained. ”
– Jamie P., Flatiron

“I have been working out for most of my adult life and NOTHING has made my bum look this good! Mahri’s method is harder than anything else I have ever done, but I have never had so much fun. And for the first time since having my three children, I feel great about how I look and love the way I feel.”
– Marissa M., Tribeca

“Before meeting Mahri I was someone who didn’t work out regularly. I had tried different things and trainers but somehow I just never got into it, I would have great starts but sooner rather than later I wouldn’t have time for it any more.

“But with Mahri, it was clearly different. As soon as I met her and did my first class, I knew I would continue to do it and love it! And a couple of months later I can say, I am hooked on Mahri’s workout, energy and personality. I can’t wait for her class (totally a first for me).

“What amazed me from the beginning, was seeing Mahri doing EVERY move she tells you to do – she does the whole workout with you! She will stop when you stop and continue when you are good to continue and most importantly she takes interest and understands the body and will advise you on how to do it better, or to take it easy if it is necessary. She is not the trainer who stands and gives instructions. She is taking the class with you – while playing one amazing playlist after another, really keeping you motivated. She switches the routines, and makes them more challenging when she knows you are ready for it. So she gets you in better shape everyday, without you even realizing it.

“I cannot say enough great things about her! She now has my husband hooked on her class as well and he joins me in class when he can – he even tries to steal my class time. The only thing we wish she would have is more time for more classes!”
– Valeska C., TriBeCa

” …This is the year of swimsuit model and the class to take to achieve such greatness is Boco Power Sculpt with the very talented, Lauren Rodriguez.

“NYC is host to a myriad of gyms and boutique fitness studios but those seeking to acquire a beautiful and toned physique similar to the ones that embrace the covers of many magazines should seek no more as Body Conceptions is the one studio equipped with everything for the fitness enthusiast aiming to get bikini/monokini/tank top and just plain beach body ready for Summer.  And without any doubt, after taking what feels like zillions of Sculpting classes throughout NYC, this is the # 1 SCULPTING CLASS 2016.  Bring your enthusiasm and water bottle because you will work hard and start to prepare for the warmer weather as the lovely and dedicated Lauren Rodriguez will push you to your limits!!  4 months left till we peel it all off and there is no doubt, this is where you get your swimsuit-body training.

“…Lauren is generous while explaining exercises and carefully demonstrates modifications so that everyone can participate.  I am always impressed with the elite level of care she displays from the moment students enter the room.  Her teaching style is precise and welcoming.  This is an open level class so those needing to shed weight, improve stamina, tone midsections, tighten love handles and eliminate scary saddlebags are invited.  For others seeking a revival in their fitness journeys, there is no shortage of a physical challenge with this class and one will leave with a newfound burst of energy.  Goodbye heavy weights, dreary gyms and boring routines.  Seek no further…one hour of this sculpting class will make you feel the burn!!!!

“Don’t let these months slip by…book yourself with Lauren and the rest of the lovely Body Conceptions team.  They are experts at toning physiques.  Look into this incredible program and take their classes regularly.  Do you love to dance and sculpt?  Then try Boco Classic.  Needing a heavy duty challenge…Boco Bootcamp is another option.  No shortage of variety in this program as these classes are tough and highly recommended for everyone.  Definitely add Boco Power Sculpt to your strength day…it is the cream of the crop sculpting class perfect for the sunny days ahead.

Confidence included.”
– Burner6769, Rate Your Burn

“When I was pregnant with my first child, I worked out on my own during my pregnancy. At 8 weeks post c-section, I couldn’t even do a sit-up without using my arms and elbows to hoist myself up. When I was pregnant with my second child, thank goodness I found Mahri. Her prenatal training method was down right difficult, yet extremely thoughtful, personalized, and most of all, highly effective. She is the single best reason my second c-section recovery was almost immediate. I could sit up unassisted in the hospital. I could do “real” sit ups and planks within a few weeks postpartum. I’m amazed how the work we did in the last 4 months of pregnancy made ALL the DIFFERENCE in my core strength. I never lost it thanks to the work we did together.”
– Lorie B., Greenwich Village

“I’ve been exercising consistently for over 25 years, have belonged to numerous gyms, taken every type of class imaginable, and bought and used up many series at boutique studios.  I was lucky to meet Mahri at the Tracy Anderson studio and fell under her spell immediately. Her technique and form are impeccable and as her student you aspire to reach that high standard. She applauds your every effort, smiles throughout the entire session (that she does right along with you), she glows with positive energy, and basically kicks your ass in more ways than you can imagine. She is an elite trainer in a city where they are a dime a dozen.”
– Maria M., TriBeCa

“Mahri and I have been working together for a little over a year, and I had never quite thought possible the transformation that has taken place.

“Quantitatively, Mahri has the depth of knowledge and experience – as well as the boundless energy – to push you further than the limitations you impose on yourself. Mahri fundamentally understands what your weaknesses are, and will strengthen them; all the while handling them with a deft diplomacy. I indeed managed to achieve the body conception I had imagined for myself, and to my utter relief, it was the first time I thoroughly enjoyed exercise; this, all effected by Mahri’s unfaltering enthusiasm.

“Qualitatively, Mahri is a person who is genuine and warm and a sheer joy to be around. Mahri’s approach, or method, is intuitive, informed by her many years as a successful dancer, thus fomenting her understanding of the body’s capabilities. Mahri brings a scientific element to her method, no matter your body shape, which allows her to prescribe the most effective routine for your workout. And perhaps the most wonderful thing of all, is that Mahri never allows you to stagnate; changing often the music as much as the routine, in order to not only keep you interested, but to keep your physique alert and adapting; it is a method which is highly successful not just because of the method itself, but because of the ethos within which it is created.

“I would highly recommend Mahri’s body conceptions to anyone (and everyone).”
– Layla Q, TriBeCa

“I had never really enjoyed exercise, I had tried the gym, dvd workouts and different personal trainers. With Erin it was so different. Erin’s workouts are fun and energetic (with a playlist to match). She is fully commited to each session, her encouragement keeps me motivated and she is 200% focused on helping me achieve my goals. Erin’s passionate just spills over into what she does, you can’t help but love the workouts and her!”
– Abbey C, UK

“I started to work with Mahri when I was about three months into my pregnancy. Mahri’s knowledge and experience make me extremely confident in the workouts she designs. She is extremely sensitive to the changes that my body is going through and she helps me to understand such changes and how to address them during our training sessions. Mahri’s enthusiasm and challenging workouts energize and motivate me… even on days when I don’t feel like moving! I am so grateful to be training with her during such an important time in my life.”
– Keridy W., Tribeca

“Mahri designed a special work out for me that not only solved a particular body challenge but also made me significantly stronger for other workouts that I enjoy. Everything is more efficient for me as a result.”
– Laura W., Wall Street

“I have been working out with Mahri for many months, and she is truly EXCEPTIONAL. Her workouts are challenging, yet they manage to be so much fun, that I often forget I’m actually exercising!  Likewise, her infectious enthusiasm motivates me in a way that no other fitness or dance instructor has ever been able to do over many years (and many classes) in both disciplines.  Set to exciting music (she has impeccable taste!), Mahri’s method combines the essential properties of different types of workouts (i.e. cardio, dance and strength training) in a way that is both enjoyable and effective for a wide range of clients, no matter their fitness level, ability or interest.  There really is something for everyone in this workout, and I highly recommend giving it a try!”
– Renee R., Tribeca

“When I first met Erin, I instantly knew we would hit it off. Her energy was magnetic and she was so passionate about the Body Conceptions program. I did the work out with her and I absolutely loved it! Not only did Erin make it fun but she was very focused on every move I made- correcting me when I didn’t have the right body position to make sure that my work out was maximized. I’m now 8 weeks in and not only can I notice a big change in my body (especially my core) but I really look forward to the workout, and seeing Erin!

“Before Body Conceptions, I only did Cardio and I think that this is a great workout to compliment other heavy cardio workouts and tones you in a way you can not get toned from other workouts. I am definitely hooked and so glad that I found Body Conceptions!”
– Tonia S., Madison Square Park

“I have trained with Mahri for almost 3 years now and we continued our training throughout my pregnancy. I was so relieved to be able to continue our sessions throughout my pregnancy. Mahri is amazing at prenatal workouts as she is certified and knows how to customize the workouts so they feel most comfortable for me. I think our workouts have made me stronger and able to endure the discomforts that come with pregnancy and a growing belly! I feel less tired and have much more stamina thanks to training with Mahri. Also, I know that all this hard work will definitely pay off as I recover from giving birth.”
– Cori W., Kips Bay