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Adelante Studios
25 West 31st St, floors 2 and 3
(floor 2 – main floor)
Bring: sneakers

Class Schedule at Adelante:
6-7:00pm BoCo Classic
7-8:00pm BoCo Classic
7-7:45am BoCo Power 45
6-7:00pm BoCo Classic
7-7:45am BoCo Power 45
6:15-7pm BoCo Blast 45
7-8:00pm BoCo Power Sculpt
6-7:00pm BoCo Power Sculpt
7:30-8:15am BoCo Power 45

Stepping Out Studios
37 West 26th Street, 9th Floor
between Broadway/6th Ave

Class Schedule at Stepping Out:
9:30-10:30am BoCo Classic
10:30-11:30am  BoCo Classic


BoCo Classic
Signature classes in the Body Conceptions Method incorporate integrative cardio and body sculpting exercises that burn fat, exercise the heart, and target all areas of the body from the arms and abs to the thighs, seat, and back.

BoCo Power 45
BoCo Power 45 packs a punch! In just 45 minutes, this class provides you with just as thorough, intense, and targeted a workout as our signature BoCo Classic. Just a bit faster, more condensed, and more powerful. And you’ll have time to shower and get to work in no time!

BoCo Power Sculpt
This is an intense, full-body sculpting experience without the impact and all the sweating! You’ll work every part of your body using a range of props and exercises designed to sculpt a dancer’s physique while elevating your heart rate and taking you to your limit.

BoCo Blast 45
For those of you who want more a blood-pumping, heart-racing workout, this is the class for you!! All in 45 minutes, this class is designed to raise your heart rate and keep you sweating through a series of jumping and plyometric blasts – while still exhausting and strengthening every part of your body. Join us in Cardio Blast before heading off to dinner or an evening with friends. Just hope you’ve stopped sweating by the time you get there!

BoCo Bootcamp 
BoCo Bootcamp incorporates full-body planks and push-ups, high intensity intervals, circuits, and in-class challenges using the integrative exercise format that makes Body Conceptions so effective. Work every inch of your body while sweating it out to killer music. What could be better?

…and don’t miss the next challenge!!!

BoCo’s Renew and Recharge Fall Challenge
September 17th-October 29th

6-week challenge focusing on strength, joy, intention, and beauty from the inside out.

Starting on September 17th, you will take 6 weeks of unlimited classes, guided by food, beauty, fashion and body-work experts to achieve the best and strongest version of YOU!

Here’s a preview of what you can expect:
* 6 weeks of unlimited classes from September 17th-October 29th
* Weekly measurements to monitor progress
* Weekly wellness tips from the experts
* New partnership with NAO Wellness Center
* 75-minute intensive with Mahri!!
* Partnerships and services provided by NAO Wellness and Nutrition, Vivian Giannakakis * Chiropractic, Natasha Navarro Massage, MNFL,Samara Goldberg Life Coaching, Noosa Yoghurt, Collagen Bar, Hyperice, and Just Salad, among others!
* Final party at NAO Wellness and amazing prizes for the challenge winner!

$525 (Join with a friend who has never done our challenge before and both get $50 off!*)

*Contact re: further instructions/friend discount

In our private training sessions, you are guaranteed to be challenged and stimulated at the same time.  Mahri has created a private training program that uses a repertoire of exercises and principles based on her method.  Our private sessions are adaptable to any setting, and they are designed to address the specific needs of the client. We create a very personalized pace, and you will never get the same session twice!

Private Group Classes:
Friends can get 4-7 people for a class – or we will match people according to ability level and availability. These classes can either take place in a space you choose or in a space we arrange for you.

Pre- and Postnatal Training:
Mahri and her instructors have had extensive experience working with women during and after their pregnancies. Many have reported greater prenatal strength and mobility, less back pain, and easier labor experiences. The Body Conceptions method has also become known for helping women bounce back and regain their pre-baby bodies quickly!

Special Events and Occasions:
We have created a range of fun, specialized workouts for many occasions.

Examples include:

Bachelorette parties Wedding preparation
Birthday parties

 if you are interested in private individual or group training.