Mahri Relin

If you’re lucky enough to get off her waitlist, you may find yourself enjoying one of Mahri’s fun and invigorating workouts in any number of possible locations from the park to your roof deck, a convenient studio, or the privacy of your own apartment. Or even on a beach in the Hamptons!Mahri was a professional dancer and performer in New York City before venturing into the world of fitness.  She was a trainer at the Tracy Anderson Method and then served as the Creative Director for FlyBarre at Flywheel Sports as it grew and developed nationally.  In her private training practice, Mahri began to realize that a special fusion of the dance and fitness principles she practiced led to amazing results and also created a workout that engaged and energized her clients.Mahri is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist and an AFPA Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist. She is a graduate of Williams College, and she holds a masters in Clinical Psychology.

Body Conceptions is a full-body lengthening and sculpting method that combines the principles of dynamic movement and muscle exhaustion.  Both body-sculpting and cardio components use integrated movements that involve multiple muscles and that require engagement of and connection to the core.  Exercises are coordinated with current, exciting music.

Through her Body Conceptions method, Mahri aims to help men and women across the spectrum of their lives – from youth to pregnancy, menopause, and beyond. She is also continuously exploring ways to connect her fitness with the larger wellness community.

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